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Welcome to NiffyCat Press!

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

A publisher of few words.

Seriously, you won't find a lot here.

Why? Because I hate excessive verbiage. We all have too much to read as it is without us here at NiffyCat Press adding more to the mix.

So when I write a blog post, I'll make sure there's a good reason and a solid topic. In the meantime, I'm just going to introduce our mascot—our inspiration.

Niffy-Cat. I call this her "glamor-puss" photo, because I swear she posed for me.

Niff was a rescue—a cat tossed out on the street for reasons I still find inexplicable. When I brought her home, it took a long time for her to learn to trust me. But when she did, she was mine and I was hers and that was the end of it.

Niffy was a decidedly feminine cat, and she was unapologetic. She sashayed down the hall like Jessica Rabbit in spike heels—it drove our other cat, Samson, completely out of his mind (enough to make him forget he was neutered). But she wasn't having any of his enticements. She held him at paw's length until he passed... and then she stopped eating for almost a week, far more upset by his absence than any of us would have guessed.

Why NiffyCat Press?

Aside from the whole memorial/legacy aspect of naming our company for her, we felt she truly exemplified what NiffyCat Press is about. Unabashedly feminine, but unapologetically feminist and inclusively womanist. Life on our own terms, but loving. Caring. And utterly faithful, right up to the end.

We lost Niffy to cancer in March of 2022. I still can't talk about it much. She knew it was time to go, and she knew Sammy was waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge. She waited patiently until I finally figured it out, too. She was nothing if not patient, my girl.

Publishing is a new journey for us. I'm sure we'll make mistakes. But like Niffy, we'll get up every day and do what we do best, and hopefully along the way there might be purrs and head skritches and maybe even a treat or two.

Thanks for coming on the journey with us.

~ Lisa

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