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A New Addition to Feminist Literature: A Dystopian Tale with Faith Elements

". . . Maristatter crafts a tale that's as believable as it is disturbing." —Kirkus Reviews

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L Maristatter

In the Christian States of America, a woman’s place is with a man. No exceptions.

Although legally an adult, eighteen-year-old Meryn Flint must live at home
until her stepfather, Ray, finds her a husband. That’s the law.

But when Ray kills her mother and Meryn must flee for her own safety, she quickly discovers
there’s no safe place in CSA society for a woman on the run. Unless she’s willing to marry her
former boyfriend—a man who’s already demonstrated his capacity for violence—she’ll be forced
to live on the street. And that’s a dangerous option for a woman alone.

As time runs out, Meryn is offered a third path: build herself a little house—a safe place to call home.
Even though living without male headship is a violation of her Family Duty as well as
every moral law on the books, Meryn seizes the chance.

But even a tiny tin house might not be enough to save her . . .

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